Thursday, 2 August 2012

Norwegian Summer Treat!

Let me present a
treat that's truly
 easy to prepare
super delicious.
When Summer comes,
due to it's rarity,
not many will want to spend time
in the kitchen.
The outdoor beckons.
The fjords are singing
the mountains and forests
are alive with
 nature's bounty.
The entire country is outside.
Walking, cycling, swimming...
all under the bright
Nordic sky.
Night is only night for a couple of hours.
This simple dish is called
"Reker Og Hvit Vin".
Simply translated...
Shrimps & White Wine.
It's origins are vague
one may safely conclude that
all good things don't need much done to it.
Simple is good.
Small is easy.
Quick is a bonus.

Fresh ingredients are best.

Fresh white bread.
Black pepper.
Very chilled white wine.
And of course,
the star of our show,
direct from the
 North Sea,
"frozen shrimps".

I've had the satisfaction,
no... make that the privilege,
of tasting this
many, many times.
Yet,I still desire it.
I still look forward to it.
And definitely think about it
when I'm far away,
somewhere across the

Picture the little
Black Dress
clean & austere
white silk chiffon blouse.
Timeless elegance.
Frugal looking on the outside
on the inside.
These shrimps from the
 frigid & cold
North Sea,
are downright special.
Probably boiled on board
then immediately frozen
to retain it's
sweetness & texture.

When life becomes too hectic,
perhaps a tad
calm yourself with this
refreshing meal.

Start by defrosting the shrimps.
It'll take about an hour depending
on the temperature.
Just ensure not to fully defrost them.
I personally feel that the ones at the bottom of
the bowl should still be firm.
This will act as a cold base to chill the ones
on the top.
Makes sense right?
By the time you devour
your way down,
they'll be just right!

butter and mayonnaise
over the white bread.
Peel your shrimps
& layer them
on top.
Sprinkle with dill
a squish of
lemon juice
together with a crackle
black pepper.
It's all a very social affair.
The Norwegians usually
get together,
clinking glasses several times,
munching on these delectable treats.

Simple isn't it?
Nordic straight forwardness at it's best.
Complex flavours
does not come into play here.
What you see is what you taste.
No hidden agenda.
Now...don't you just want to bite into that?

Quality food with quality company!
The new way to go!!!

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