Monday, 4 June 2012

Bjorn & Kim...Get Cozy!!!

Finding the right balance of
good food,
like-minded company
comfortable setting,
 for a 
Sunday night
 casual dinner party.
At their high end 
 in one of
Kuala Lumpur's 
more exclusive enclaves,
Bjorn & Kim
hosted such an evening.
They have just moved in.
And schedules being what they are 
these days,
we only now managed to agree on that date.
Since this was my first visit,
I was excited to
 view the apartment.
A home is after all a 
strong reflection
of who we are, 
how we think
 often an
 expression of our design sensibilities.
A green wall, a mix between the 
color of 
Chinese Imperial Jade 
greeted us like
a doorman
Warm & inviting.
In the tropics,
the usual safe route would be
off white.
But in this case, this particular
shade of green would in fact
absorb rather than reflect
the bright natural light.
A good choice I must say.

I set out to ask them
 20 questions 
 provide an insight into
who they are,
how they feel
how they live.
How long did it take to prepare dinner tonight?
Bjorn - 80 minutes
Kim - 15 minutes

Favorite music?
Bjorn - Jazz
Kim - Lounge
Sea or Waterfall?
Bjorn - Sea
Kim - Sea
Hardcover or Paperback?
Bjorn - Hardcover
Kim - Hardcover
Gym or brisk walk?
Bjorn - Brisk Walk
Kim - Walk
Oil or watercolors?
Bjorn - Oil
Kim - Oil
House or Condo?
Bjorn - House
Kim - Condo
Beef or chicken?
Bjorn - Beef
Kim - Chicken
South America or Australia?
Bjorn - South America
Kim - Australia
Favorite color?
Bjorn - Green
Kim - Blue
Last holiday destination?
Bjorn - Florida
Kim - China
Asia or Europe?
Bjorn - Asia
Kim - Europe
Favorite cuisine?
Bjorn - French
Kim - Asian
Last read book?
Bjorn - The Battle Against The Etruscans
Kim - Escape From Camp 14
Next holiday destination?
Bjorn - France
Kim - France
Abba or Beatles?
Bjorn - Abba
Kim - Abba
What's next?
Bjorn - Back to work!
Kim - The dishes!
Coca Cola or Lemon Juice?
Bjorn - Lemon Juice
Kim - Lemon Juice
Beach or Mountain?
Bjorn - Beach
Kim - Mountain
Which is more important -
Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow?
Bjorn - Today
Kim - Today
This home is an 
eclectic mix
 of the right elements
that created a
 cozy atmosphere.
It was not 
It allowed for total 
abandoned relaxation.
160 square metre apartment
instinctively configured to 
create open spaces that did not feel
As usual,
the kitchen was a hive of activity.
 Bjorn & Kim
natural cooks, 
on taste to guide them each to
 food from the heart!
This evening,
they served 
Oven baked Chicken & Pork Ribs
Mango & Prawn Curry
Moroccan Lamb Salad
Scallops & Chinese Sausage
Mozzarella & Ruccola Salad
Lemon Rice
Blackberry Crisp Pie.
The cocktail for the evening was
a super delicious,
extremely chilled
Peach in Muscat Wine.
The evening unravelled 
in a manner
that any good dinner party should.
 small & intimate
conversed animatedly, 
recounting stories 
of the
 political scandals
of the day,
amongst other things.
Subdued lighting was
to setting the right mood.
Looking around the apartment,
it was clearly obvious this is a
 happy place.

It goes to show that style is not what we know
what we are born with.
Bjorn & Kim
has all the props.
 crucial ingredients 
to entertaining.
They are not frantic to
Nor uptight about
Yet, they knew how to 
Showing us,
it's not what you have
what you do with it,
that matters most!
The words 
comes straight to mind.
A space is simply a space,
if there is no soul.
Or humor.
The remarkable is often
Yet ease is not
to many.
Brilliant design
 is not about
how much we paid.

graciousness of spirit
with a
 heavy dose of honesty
that makes
guests feel special.
Just like this photo of 
Blackberry Crisp Pie,
arguably straightforward.
That's the way it should be.
That's the way I like it!

Sincerity at it's best!
Thanks for a warm evening.

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