Monday, 2 September 2013

Astrup Fearnley...A Beauty By The Sea.

The Renzo Piano
new premises of the
Astrup Fearnley
Museum of Modern Art
is truly stunning.
Resembling the sails of a massive
it sits on the edge of what appears
to be reclaimed land
jutting out to the fjord,
as if ready to depart on an ocean voyage.
This is part of a huge
urban renewal project
that encompasses housing,
retail, hotels,
food & beverage
This striking architecture 
will perhaps begin a new trend in the 
Nordic capital,
paving way for stunning
buildings that are visually
Eye catching, bold 
the new venue is timely.
Opened in September 2012,
this private museum
was constructed on what used to be
With a balanced combination 
wood, glass, metal & concrete,
the building
leans towards a very
look & feel.
As if breaking out into 

the vast open space,
Astrup Fearnley's 
architectural uniqueness 
may kick start a new movement
 for this city by the fjord.
Founded in 1993

still privately owned,
works from 
major to minor
adorn the walls 
of this stylish structure,
contemporary art.
The new art space comes under
the city council's
urban planning project
whereby most of the museums
will eventually be relocated to an 

area nearby called
Onward & upwards,
the premise of this gallery was founded on 
two large shipping fortunes,
Heddy & Nils Astrup Foundation
Thomas Fearnley Foundation.

The walk out
to the new space takes you past
Aker Brygge,
a popular 
shopping & dining venue.
High end apartments 
with breathtaking
views of the water ways
sit above this complex,
ferries come & go to the outlying
islands beyond.

As you approach this
world class edifice,
the graceful lines of the building
draw a clear comparison
to all the 
elements of nature.
This modern architectural idea of 
the link between
"inside & outside"
is indeed well proven.
Wide windows create the 
illusion of infinity.
Natural light,
on a sunny day,
shines bright like shafts of cut glass,
streams in.
As you wander among the rooms,
each scaled differently,
you begin to relax and
the dialogue between
art & viewer 

"The purpose of art is
washing the dust of daily life 
off our souls."

Pablo Picasso
Museums provide an opportunity
for the people to
access, learn, enjoy
be inspired by art.
The quirky & the ridiculous
are meant to trigger thought...
...and pave the escape from the ordinary.
Museums are also
safe guarding
precious history
for the future.
The life cycle of such establishments
are infinite.
Art lives on.
Modern life
with all the complexities of daily living

is indeed challenging.
Any visit to view art

a reward
that transports us to a 
quiet place.
" Without art, the crudeness of reality would make
the world unbearable."

George Bernard Shaw

As I move from 
room to room,
I feel fortunate to have had this 
opportunity to be presented
with this colossal range of ideas.
After all, 
all art starts with an idea.
Modern art
is thought provoking.
Initially, the message is not always
crystal clear...
...and the mission of the artist at best,
The open space allows 
our thoughts to be free of constraint.
Our imagination floats idle, 
like a lotus flower on a deserted pond...

...while our eyes take in the creative genius of mankind.

The sound of my shoes sliding
against the polished concrete floor,
makes me conscious 
of my surroundings.
Museums make us behave,
consider our moment...
slow down 
shift gears.
On top of it all,
you are 
up close & personal 
with works
worth millions.

"Drawing is like making an
expressive gesture
the advantage of permanence."

Henri Matisse  

Every now & then,
something different comes along.
The inquisitive nature of human beings
makes this a reality.

Our growing appetite
demands more...
...from everyone.
The impressions leave with
linger on.
We each walk away with
a different mental inventory
from the visit.
The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art
is a refreshing experience.
The new premises has
all the promise 
of a young artist full of energy,
while being fearless in her 
quest to remain
This aspiration
may be key to what 
the Nordic capital needs.
In trying there may be a 
possibility of success...
 talk against talk
is simply a waste of time.

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