Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Borough Market in London...lets take a bite!

The return to street market shopping
has been an on-going trend
in the last few years.
All around the globe,
there has been clear signs,
apparently shifting
gears from shopping off 
chain store shelves 
small vendors on stands.
The Borough Market
is a fine example
of both
 wholesale & retail
of all manner of 
fresh & preserved food.
In the British capital, 
the journey is just as 
exciting as the destination.
To get to the market,
I planned a route that took me to the
Tower of London
then a short walk by the 
The Shard
finally at Southwark Street.
There was a chilly nip in the air
 the sky looked as if 
it was painted
upon a Van Gogh canvas.
Swirls of fluffy white clouds,
played hide-and-seek
with the sun.
Our double-decker bus,
navigated through traffic 
the odd pedestrian perilously.
This city is easy on the legs.
Pavements carefully 
planned & executed,
allowed quick access to the market.
Open only from 
Wednesday to Saturdays,
this market apparently has been
around since 1014!
The present location right beside the
Southwark Cathedral,
is totally charming & full of buzz.
The success of the place
is evident in the size
of the crowd,
resembling a 
United Nations
Tourists & locals
shop, wander & taste 
their way through this
gastronomic marvel.
The setting itself is unique...
a rail viaduct runs right above while a
graceful Cathedral sits peacefully on one side
as if guarding the site.
The range of
 products & produce 
available are mostly from the 
British Isles,
while some imports from the continent
could be found.
Quality & provenance
are two selling features of this 
exceptional market.
There are well over 
a 100 stalls
to suit every 
taste & fancy.
You get a feeling that the 
traders have great pride
in what they do,
there is a strong sense of community.
After all,
in life,
you can only fool people
half the time!
As I walked around,
words like
"fresh, delicious, & hmmm...that looks good!"
spring to mind!
The language here is universal...
it speaks to the core of many of us
who respect
quality & passion!
True to form,
everything is 
beautifully laid 
When you've got it flaunt it,
seems to be mantra around here!
Just take a look at all these gorgeous pies!
Mesmerizing indeed!
 "this & that"
in all 
shapes & form
are everywhere.
Without  missing a beat,
these small scale producers 
are not only preserving an
age old craft.
they are bringing it yards forward,
improving & refining 
along the way!
I have a confession.
The day I visited,
I already had an early lunch in
But the moment I laid eyes on these
roast pork-filled buns,
I succumbed!
( ..and was not disappointed !)
Did you know that this market is
owned by a 
charitable trust?
And run by a board of
volunteer Trustees?
Simply amazing...ain't it?
You definitely cannot solve
worlds problems
but putting good food on the plate
of the less privilege
is perhaps 
the best place to start.
An international beauty pageant has a
motto that goes...
"Beauty With A Purpose".
Ever since I was a young kid,
I've been pondering on this.
And guess what?
I'm still pondering!
What do you think about
"Food With A Purpose"
hungry & destitute 
don't care if this gorgeous
person appears in his or her village.
A loaf of bread is a loaf of bread
regardless of who's 
dishing it out!!!
Somewhere along the years,
we've forgotten to eat well.
The importance of good nutrition
is second
to being
seen in the right place.
Many cannot regonise
well prepared food from bad.
Thank goodness change is in the air.
The Borough Market
is a wonderful place to start.
If this could ignite an idea
stimulate the imagination
with culinary lust,
then we're good.
Mass produced 
food & fashion
are indeed for the masses.
For those that need to be told what to do,
has to be fed as well.
By comparison,
there is quite a distance
good & mediocre 
the lines may be blurred to many.
For those in the know,
they thread carefully on.
Seeking out
different & the special.
Rejecting the mundane
They say we are what we eat...
now, isn't that food for thought?
After all, 
not the new 

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