Thursday, 17 May 2012

Face to Face...a short conversation.

Sarah Jane Hartney.
Artist. Photographer. Architect.
Global adventurer.
It was by pure chance that we started talking.
Sarah was sketching in our cafe as I happen
to walk by.
Curious as I am, I went to have a peek.
It was a 
stunning black & white line drawing
of part of our display.
Very impressive.
And that's how we started talking about art, design and life
in general.
It goes without saying that such a talented woman,
tackles life in one decisive stride.
Her thoughts are clear, inspired and vivid.
And if you can imagine a
 conversation in "color",
 her's would be it.
A week ago, it dawned onto me that I should include 
a column in my blog featuring interesting
"Face to Face."
All done within 20 questions.
So,on a clear bright recent morning, Sarah came into
the store to have a chat.
Here is how it went.
What were you last thinking of?
What are you passionate about?
Favorite city?
Last read book?
History of Contemporary Art

Silk blouse or T shirt?
T shirt
What excites you?
New York City or Kathmandu?
Actress you can most identify with?
Cate Blanchett & Gwyneth Paltrow
Mac or PC?
Flats or high heels?
Favorite cuisine?
Most vivid childhood memory?
Holidays spent by the sea
Noodles or rice?
Next holiday destination?
Red or White wine?
What did you last cook?
Rock Concert or Opera?
Rock Concert
Bamboo blinds or curtains?
Bamboo blinds
Bowling or Bungee jumping?
Bungee Jumping
Orchids or Freesias?

Born in the US & brought up in the UK,
probably gave her a broader perspective on life. The nomad within first took her backpacking
across the globe 
& finally settling & securing a position in an
architectural practice in
 Hong Kong.
She was right in the thick of it during the 1997 hand-over.

Sarah's philosophy is to keep smiling.
Think about others, letting go &
having fun.
Prior to relocating to Kuala Lumpur,
Sarah was in Basel for almost 5 years.
During our brief chat, Sarah came across as the typical
"Creative Type A"

Always with sketch book & pens on hand.
And constantly doodling, for lack of a better word.
Nowadays, Sarah does
 private commissions, 
while enjoying life in the
Far East.
If the relentless pursuit of art, takes us to a 
calmer & special place,
let it be.
This escape could be that one salvation the 
pious seek.
We all have our weaknesses.
In the case of Sarah's, it's obviously filled to the brim
Sarah Jane Hartney

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