Monday, 28 May 2012

Sara La Fountain

I almost forgot!
It was 
Monday morning.
Been out late for the last
3 consecutive nights.
That's what they call it these days.
Then I saw a reminder on my
promptly decided on an entire new outfit
for the day.
You know... a
look that
goes from 
"day into night!"
Asian Food Channel
...this other famous brand,
brought in
Sara La Fountain,
to showcase a 
Taste Of Finland.
When I think about
two things come to mind...
The latter is famous for
prints that's to die for.
Oh...& also 
Finlandia Vodka
...only because of their
beautiful bottle!
But food?
Sara is
 incredibly beautiful.
I doubt there's ever a bad photo taken
of her.
It's simply impossible.
Any angle.
Any lighting.
Any type of camera.
I was fortunate to be given the opportunity
to have a
 private chat.
Which was fun as she was totally
relaxed and engaging!
What is your favorite color?
Black & Pink at the moment.
What were you last thinking of?
What excites you?
Favorite city?
New York City.
Next Holiday destination?
Hoping it'll be
Biggest worry?
Not living in the moment.
Jazz or Pop?
Linen or cotton?

Favorite ingredient?
Passion Fruit.
New Delhi or Singapore?
Where is cuisine heading?
"I think it's going to be fresh, open & vibrant.
Because people are travelling, cultures colliding.
Local & organic ingredients,
with a large dose of
"super foods".
People are thinking more about food,
slowing down &
getting the best nutrition.
New flavors with less complexities."
Sara came out with a
 bowler hat 
on her china doll crop.
Very chic.
Her voice was...
Her stride
Asian Food Channel 
did a great job of ensuring
that the evening went smoothly.
This was obviously a girl 
used to getting loads of 

She handles it well.
Not a hint of 
nor conceit.
Sara was a model at one stage in her life.
She knows how to 
work the camera.
Being American-Finnish,
probably gave her a global outlook.
She works hard.
Already has 
several cookbooks
 under her wing.
Cooking shows.
A line of 
cookware & professional shoes 
for the kitchen is on the pipeline.
Sara readily admits to her
 love for travel.
the colors on this folder is amazing! back to Sara!
During our conversation,
Sara came across as
caring & frank.
A little playful perhaps!
Oh...take a look at this.
Now, that's good design.

That's her little doggie...
The 3 course menu for the night...

Vorschmack with Marinated Beets

Crayfish Salad with boiled Quails Egg,Radish,Avocado,
Asparagus, Dill-Mayonnaise
Cilantro-Ginger Dressing

Karelia Stew 
Archipelago Fish plate with Lobster Champagne Broth

Blueberry Baked Alaska
It's very special to come across
a person
with heaps of 

Sara La Fountain
has that in abundance.
She's also 
energetic, eager
All the tools necessary to carve out a 
bright future.
In or out of the kitchen!

Keep on smiling Sara!!!


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