Monday, 21 May 2012

Roast Chicken...comfort food at it's best!

I just read an article in 
The New York Times
about the sale of a 
duplex penthouse apartment
for well above
$90 million.
You read right.
$90 million 
for under 11,000 sq ft.
What does that have to do with
Roast Chicken?
Absolutely nothing!

Joshua's Roast Chicken
( the way, he's my nephew.)

Have you noticed how difficult it is to find a
yummy & moist
roasted chicken?
It's either too dry.
Lack flavor.
Skin rubbery & not crispy.
The sky-high prices of 
Manhattan apartments aside,
let's try to master this
comfort food
that sits well at any 
dinner table. 
Julie Andrews sang it well.
"Let's Start At The Very Beginning,
It's A Very Good Place To Start!".

You do need a 
large stock pot.
Here is where you brine your chicken
for at least 
4 hours.
In the refrigerator.
Brining is when you submerge the bird in a 
mixture of one cup salt & half cup sugar.
It's suppose to keep the meat
M & J.
(moist & juicy)
Nothing like...
...a freshly baked
 apple & cranberry muffin
 a cup of coffee
 to while away the time.
Remember that with cooking,
nothing is 
set in stone
cast in metal.
Utilise your instinct.
Not paranoia.
What we're hoping to accomplish, 
with dignity,
is a succulent outcome
that shouts
The great thing about roasting chicken
is that it's 
 always in season.
No matter what time of year.
What time of month.
to very few things.
But I do admit to having a weakness for
the above mentioned repast.
Finding a recipe that's
hassle free
 ultimate challenge.
Trekking in Nepal may be easier?
Do get real though...
there must be some effort! 
Now start cutting up the veggies into
 large chunks.
This is the 
 where your poultry will sit.
Cut a cross in the bottom of
 one lemon
stuff it with
 one peeled garlic
Don't ask!
Tools of the trade.
A good 
basting brush 
a thermometer.
I like to grind 
salt & pepper together,
in the old fashion way.
Just like how
grand ma 
would do it.
This makes both a little
The dry herb mixture...all ready.
If the fresh stuff is easily available...
go for it!!!
Now that the chicken is out
 from the brine
 stuff it liberally
with salt & pepper, 
the dry herb combination
& that 
one lemon.
In that order.
Easy...ain't it?
Truss it up.
Rub in,
ultra generously,
S & P.
(salt & pepper)
Pop it into the oven.
Pre-heated of course to 
200 degrees.
And the wait begins for the next 40 mins.
mix 3 tablespoons of slightly
melted butter,
not oil,
with two large tablespoon of
This will be used for basting
the chicken,
15 mins before the end.
After 40 mins,
check with the thermometer
to ensure that's it's cooked.
Perhaps an extra 15 mins or so.
165 degrees should do the trick!
And here you have it!
Give yourself 
a pat on the back.
Add a huge glass of wine to that!
Oh...make that a bottle!
Now let it
Time to make the

Turn on your
 favorite music.
This always relaxes me.
Strain the veggies & ensure you 
extract as much of the
finger-licking goodness
 humanly possible.
Cook over medium heat.
Toss in the
Mix in the 
Bring to a 
rolling boil.
Then simmer for 15 mins.
Give it a good stir.
Drop it the
 cold butter.
A delicious 
home made gravy
to call your own!
1 chicken
Sea salt
2 cubes cold butter
2 tablespoon Honey
2 teaspoon rosemary
2 teaspoon thyme
1 Lemon
I 1/2 cup chicken stock
3 stalks Celery chunky chopped
2 large Carrots - chunky chopped
2 large Onions - cut into chunky rings
5 peeled Garlic cloves
Oven temperature: 200 degrees
Position: Middle tray

Mix the brine solution.
Drop in the bird.
Cover & refrigerate.
Cut veggies into large chunks.
Drizzle generously with olive oil.
Stuff & truss.
Rub S & P all over.
Pop into oven for 40 mins.
Baste with honey & butter mixture.
Back into the heat for another 10 mins.
Cover with foil if it starts to brown unevenly.
Turn bird over.
Baste and sprinkle with S & P.
Back for 8 minutes.
Turn bird over again,
& finally for another 8 mins.
Food is no longer an
after thought.
We are after all,
what we eat.
The results of this recipe was outstanding.
It would thaw even the most jaded
It was
Some things in life are
Just pour your
 heart & soul
into it!

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