Friday, 28 September 2012

La Cappella...Closer To Heaven Than You Think!

"La Fortuna Aiuta Gli Audaci"

Fortune Favours The Bold.
How true this is!
On a beautiful summers day,

with literally not a cloud in the sky,
as we just drove past the walled-city of
we spied a tiny wooden board 
with a drawing of a bed printed on it.
 Following our instincts,
we decided to investigate.
Having no hotel reservations in hand,
we were as free as where the road would take us,

where destiny awaits.
In this part of Italy,
every town is a sight to behold.
Every corner,
a pleasure to the eyes.
And in summer, 
the light enhances everything.
Sunflower fields
shine & glow
like a painters palette radiating
every shade of yellow.
We drove up a rather winding
narrow road,
no wider than 
two Fiat's width,
& marvelled at the sight around us.
Villas in all shape and sizes,
on olive groves & fruit orchards.
The sky a brilliant blue
the land green 
with seasonal bounty.
Passing under the 
shadow of an old church here
an ancient cemetery there,
 after several minutes of
uphill driving,
we finally came up to a
 tall wrought iron gate.

Little did we know that we've arrived at
La Cappella!
Built as a
in the seventeen century,
it's now a
bed & breakfast
run by the present owners.
Nestled on the hills
 a mere seven kilometers from
this remarkably charming Villa,
simply takes your breath away.
Sitting almost at the top,
 with a view of the landscape below,
La Cappella
transports you immeditely
to the romantic ideals of
Italian style!
The three storey building,
constructed in traditional Italian
architecture from that period,
opens out to a lush garden
attended to daily by two gardeners.

Bougainvilleas burst forth in 
lavender bushes jostle in the wind
grape vines hang casually from
timber beams.
Tall cypress tress stand proud everywhere
 on the hills around,
other villas sit silently.
Up here,
high above everything else,
the breathtaking vista
lulls us away into
the wonderment that is the
 Italian countryside.
Her name is 
Maria Ludoveca Ceschi a Santa Croce.
And her personality is as formidable as
her name.
But she's simply known as Vicky.
Born in the grand ancient city of

the lady of the house has travelled the world.
Prior to this present lifestyle,
was an
international make-up artist,
working mainly for
Italian Vogue
with a multitude of
famous photographers,
that brought her everywhere.
Travelled has taught her many things

style is something you're born with.
among her
garden of delights,
she runs this terribly charming
B & B.
Where bees fly from
 bloom to bloom

butterflies dart here, there & everywhere.
Lazy fluffy clouds drift by above,
the breeze a strong fragrant mix that could be simply called...
"eau de everything"!
What's your favourite colour?
All of them.
What's missing in the world?
What can you add to your day?
If I could have an hour to read a book...
Favourite song?
My life is filled with music...
Iggy Pop's " The Passenger".
What are you reading...?
Dalai Lama's writings about peace.
What's next?
Where do you call home?
I still have strong feelings about my hometown
I call home wherever I am.
We should be detached from objects...
& where my dogs are.
Biggest challenge of the day?
To make the people I meet happy.

One word to describe yourself?
What keeps you awake at night?
Worries basically...
Coffee or tea?
What irritates you?
Abusive & close minded people.
Pearls or emeralds?
How many languages do you speak?
Silk or denim?
Cotton & linen.
Favourite holiday destination?
As a child, what were your aspirations?
To be a rock star in a band!!

If there is one thing you would change
 about yourself...?
My's too short & has to be longer at the back.
Most memorable trip?

When would you give all this up?
...and onto another project!
The couple met on a boat somewhere in
Her husband Pietro is from 
Vicky wanted a house large enough to
house her entire family when they visit.

"By coincidence & sheer luck, we found this place
which was a Convent until the 1920's.
It was badly neglected & the house was not understood.
We invested 
care & love 
and now there is a balance between 
house & owners".
Our 5 nights at
La Cappella
came & went quickly.
It was a joy to return

each evening after a day's
excursion into the neighboring towns.
The lady of the house has a
nonchalant coolness
about her. 
It translates well into her surroundings.
Bold,beautiful & exacting 
words I would use to describe this 
Time does not stand still as one would imagine.
Yet, when you're walking around the 
well kept garden,
your thoughts slow down to a quiet murmur.
Your walk becomes a gentle stroll.
Amongst the rose bushes,
you sit reading surrounded by
pride & joy.
Listening to the land brings forth
a  sense of

" Love and understand the Italians,
for the people are more marvellous than the land."

E.M. Foster
" The greatest joy from
La Cappela
is when I meet enthusiastic people.
Sharing this house & giving
without expectations.
But when the return comes...
it's pure adrenalin!"

On our last morning,
 joined us for breakfast.
We talked at length, over strong coffee,
 life, living & beauty.
Her gesticulations are purely
but her ideas & thoughts are
We were en route to
and somehow,
we did not want to leave.
The magic was upon us.
We drove
 out & beyond those
 wrought iron gates,
winding downwards to the highway below,
that old Church
that ancient cemetery.
I spied again that little
wooden sign that
brought us to a wonderful experience.

Fortune Favours The Bold


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