Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Pleasure Is All Mine...

How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?

Busy schedules aside,
we eventually set a date for dinner one night,
a couple of months ago.
Primarily to catch up, take photos 
savour home-cooked food
that's part of our 
culinary heritage
here in 
And I was not disappointed.
Dusk was upon us as I made way,
in a taxi,
towards this up-market enclave
Petaling Jaya
a suburb
Kuala Lumpur.

Bungalow houses surrounded
by high fences
dot the street,
with guard dogs barking ferociously as
we drove by.
Well kept gardens 
imported cars line the driveway
of each house.

is the
 Mother of Desire."
As the tall auto-gate opened smoothly
 to reveal the
 home lit in a 
warm glow,
my friends were there to greet me with a
warm embrace that was 
simply welcoming.
Tall trees 
stood out in front as if
to guard those within.
The air was perfumed with a fragrant
smell from some
 tropical evening bloom.
The sky was a shade of "that" blue,
you know...with the last few minutes of light left in the sky.
 I call it the
"Hour of Return".
The couple have been living here for the last 
9 years.
And it shows.
By this I mean,
it's become a
Not something freshly painted
smelling "new".
It's generous proportion,
 400 sq m of it,
has been modified to suit their

This is the abode of people who
work, live
life as it comes.
Of course,
it's now a family of 3,
with adequate accommodation for the 

maid as well.
Sue D'Cruz,
wife of Terrence,

Communication Brand Consultant.
To me...she's simply
I was of course,
happy to be invited home.
That puts the "S" into

A close up of anything generally
Upwardly mobile
well spoken,
the views of this lady is 
a stream of 
Sparkling bubbles 
in hand signals
 the end of the week.
We conversed warmly about their
 private space.
In the tropics, 
you can
invite the outside in,
throughout the year.
And their
 airy & open.
Taking center stage is of course the living room, 
but what was surprising was 
the enclosed terrace, 
running alongside the house.
This added considerable amount of 
living area
 to the already large house.

Style implies a 
"getting it right."

And here's a brief glimpse
Sue D'Cruz.
What's your favourite colour?
Which trait in a person you most deplore?
What motivates you?
My child.
Favourite song?
There's this song by Luther Vandross...
Morning or night person?
Early morning.
Jeans or skirt?
Describe your style?

Red or white wine?
Argentina or Australia?
When making a purchase, what is your number one
criteria...Brand, Performance, Functionality or Price?
Performance & Functionality.
George Clooney or Hugh Jackman?
George Clooney.
What's your hobby?
Favourite cuisine?
Asian - it's simple & light.
French or Italian fashion?
Favourite museum in the world?
Tate in London.
When did you last laugh out loud?
Over the weekend.
What is your life philosophy?
To live for the moment.
Which trait in  a person you most respect?
Favourite Ad campaign of all time?
Fruit Of The Loom 
out of Toronto.
It's happy & fun-
based on the song
"Stuck In The Middle With You."
What were your last thoughts?
I really like Australia!
In the midst of preparing for a trip to
 Paris & London,
we exchanged thoughts
on the joy of travel.
And the exposure to new
 trends & ideas.

"Travel is the university of life."
Peter Hoe
comes across as a woman
with an innate sense of
There's no second guessing.
And it shows in their surrounding.
The decor is
 everything in it's place
 a place for everything.
If I had to describe their home,
I would say it's a
 perfect balance
marrying colonial touches 

modern aesthetics.
Antique furniture from when
the country was called
sits comfortably with
contemporary art.
Italian styled lamps
throw a warm glow across
the interior,
while the gurgling
sound of the water feature in the furthest reaches
of the garden,
soothes & relaxes.
She certainly have all the five

Charm, Confident, Clarity, Collected 
there's even  a
in her name!
" The Experience 
makes a brand, a brand.
Basically, it's what the consumer takes out of it...
Two different users may have
 two different experiences.
A brand is nothing 
than the experience."

Sue D'Cruz
"Let us always meet each other
with a smile,
for the smile is the beginning of love."

Mother Teresa
Night was already half -passed itself,
and we were all comfortable
Good company never goes out of fashion.
Their home had a
That's an obvious outcome of
a cosy space.

you can smell
a mile away.
But in this house,
where the heart is...
you feel you belong.
Dinner was a
splendid & delicious
selection of

 Indian curries,
set upon a fuchsia table.
Our hosts were

we are extremely fortunate to have been 
at the
crossroad of several cultures.
And from this blessing,
comes interesting cuisine.
Tonight was no different.
 food & conversation

laced with
 wit & humour,
took the evening to another level.
As day turns into night,
half a world away,
we bid adieu 
said our
thank you.
Sue & Terrence's 
"pas de deux"
for the evening
made the outcome so enjoyable...
and so inclusive.
As the tall auto-gate opened to let us out,
amidst hugs,
the early morning was upon us.
Quiet enveloped us like 
an expensive cashmere shawl.
The sheer pleasure of dining with friends
is escalated when
it takes place within the confines
of an intimate setting...
a private home.

After all,
is not for the

Am I right?

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