Thursday, 6 September 2012


 If you have never been to the capital of
go now!
This fairy tale like city,
known as the
"Golden City Of Spires",
sits peacefully by the
Vltava river.

Just the other day,
while walking along one of the many
cobbled stone streets
in old Prague,
I wondered how this one city
has been so well preserved?
Looking around,
you consider the history.
You ponder upon the architecture.
You contemplate the


the politics.
This place makes you reflect.
A thousand years has seen many changes
 architectural influences
All piled 
into what you see today.
A place so intensely packed 
with stunning structures,
crisscrossed by countless narrow
giving forth to an amazing
skyline that literally
takes your breath away.
This is my third visit.
It's certainly quaint.
It's alarmingly charming.
It's totally romantic...
in any season.
At night, the city shines
like some
Golden ancient dollhouse,
at once transporting you back through

But wait...
the reminder of a dark past,
surfaces occasionally.
Until 1989,
tourism was prohibited.
with a population of 1.3 million people,
5 millions tourists visit annually.
Baroque jewel
is a 
It has it's own currency...Koruna.
And safety is a non-issue.
one big sensory seduction after another.
Comfortable walking shoes are a must.
Good news is,
city's cosy scale
makes it very manageable on foot.
The airport is a short drive away.
Go with the flow...
and let the city in!
Coffee shops are plenty.
And smiles are free.
Since 1992,
the historic centre of Prague has been
included into the Unesco list of
World Heritage Sites.
From Prague Castle,
the city is spread out below, 
with spires and towers dotting the horizon,
like some
 medieval chess board.
This spectacular view is  a small reward for
those who make the trek up.
Quaint hidden courtyards are there
to be discovered.
Nowadays, many are turned into
 galleries & cafes.
As you wander,
 gaze & wonder!

That rust colored building was not photoshopped!
The local fare is 
from the "earth".
Think ...Roast Pork Knuckle!
But the above is from Belgium!
Tons of souvenir shops cater to varying
 taste & expectations.
Great buys would be bohemian cut crystal ware.

This is Antonin Dvorak, 
the famous Czech composer,
who wrote the equally famous opera
about a sad mermaid-like water nymph
who falls for a prince.
Familiar story? 
The Aria
"Song To The Moon"
is truly a joy to listen to,
although somewhat sad.
This place is heavy on sights.
From the 
Old Town Square to the Castle
Charles Bridge,
you'll be panting for more!
You'll burn those calories,
tire your eyes
exhaust your camera.
Details abound.
In & on buildings, doors, alleyways
Decorating & decoration 
was probably
a national pastime.
Stop for coffee at the Bakeshop Praha!

Whoever's in charge, is doing it right!
And Style
 has caught up in a BIG way.
All the famous brands are represented in this tiny city.
VAT refunds make shopping more fun!
Charming trams run all throughout the city.
Clanking it's way over cobblestones and bridges.
You may also "Segway" around with many tour
operators offering even night runs!
Prague is host to countless festivals as diverse as
dance to music to opera to marathons.
There's bound to be one thing to catch your fancy.
This former European Capital of Culture
certainly lives up to it's reputation.
Yes, there may be crowds but personally,
I think it adds to the atmosphere.
Come one, come all!
In a way, we are contributing to the conservation
of this remarkably beautiful city.

Case in point!
Beyond the old walls,
 boutique hotels.
Hotel Josef is my preferred choice...
with a grassed inner "glass-encased"
modern amenities.
And an extremely good breakfast!!!
Old World elegance at
As you can see, 
everyone has been here!
Be dazzled.
Be enchanted.
Be impressed.
"There are no small parts.
Only small actors".

Milan Kundera
The stunning
Prague National Theatre
is a must "attend".
Opened in 1881,
it houses the three artistic ensembles of
Opera, Ballet & Drama.

opulence & grandeur
is unrivaled.
Satisfaction is guaranteed!
Prague's Old Town square
is "the" focal point.
It's busy & bustling...
exactly what a town square should be.
Here, you're exposed to the onslaught of
architectural & historical
 highlight after another.
If your room has no view,
fret not!
The entire city awaits outside.

Walk, wander & gaze.
The non-violent 
Velvet Revolution
in 1989,
converted the country to a 
Parliamentary Republic.
the only velvet you'll see are on the 
shopping on
Parizska Street.
Another view of the splendor of the
Prague National Theatre.
Just make sure to dress up when you're there!
Insider tip:
"Tretters New York Bar".
Great cocktails with locals.
Cultural freedom
 artistic expressions
makes all the difference.
Creativity does not happen in a vacuum.
 arrived many years ago
judging from everything around,
it ain't all that bad.
Just look at that!
 window is just a window 
it's done this way!
And this artistic hand extends to buildings too,
making the city an
outdoor museum of sorts.
The morphing of an 
old city 
a must-visit destination
takes more than good PR.
The foundation of such a 
transformation lies in the people.
A newly liberated country
has enough hungry determination
to meet any challenges.
The Czechs recognize
this need to be 

up next is perhaps 
an exciting time for this
 beautiful historical city.
What people are talking about is
not enough.
Put gears into place...
Eat, Stay & Love!

"The salvation of this human world lies nowhere
else than in the human heart,
in the human power to reflect,
in human meekness 
human responsibility."

Vaclav Havel


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  2. Hello Maja!

    How great that you found the blog.
    Actually, my next feature is on where we met!
    Look out for your photo!


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