Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Lillehammer Kunstmuseum...a tiny jewel.

This photo
digitally enhanced,
magically coloured
but the 
dark clouds
are real.

This is the 
Lillehammer Kunstmuseum.
A tiny jewel
of an art museum
located in the idyllic
city of

We were there for the 
Norwegian painter,
Christian Krohg
( 1852 - 1925 )
" From Paris To Kristiania".

The scale of this place makes it
ideal for a short visit...
enough to quench your thirst for
The building was designed by
Erling Viksjo
in 1963.
Another building was later added to make it what
it is today.
This was designed by
Snohetta Arkitektur & Landskap AS.
The museum is well curated.
Well lit.
And "space planning"
was perfectly executed.
Christian Krohg

"The strongest man in the world is he
who stands most alone."

Henrik Ibsen

The city of
 was the venue for the
1994 Winter Olympics.
What a great combination of colours.
Simply explosive!
I first noticed these two girls because of their 
"brilliant colours".
And when this opportunity came up...
I simply had to move fast.
Just the other day, 
 one of the girls in the photo,
 wrote a comment on the blog.
What a great "photo-moment"!

I guess a painting is akin to a photograph.
It captures the moment
if it captures the spirit
of that moment,

then it's a winner!
This museum consists of two buildings,
connected via a
"glass" passageway.
Thus allowing the "outside"
to come "inside".
Christian Krohg
is a realist painter.
He was deeply engaged in social issues 
this was 
reflected in many of his works.
"Great art touches the

 of the viewer".
It's all in the details too...
Easy, Reflective
Pure genius does not happen everyday.

It's a lot like nothing else!

One can never have enough of
coffee table books!
Thank goodness they allowed photography.

"Progress is man's ability to complicate simplicity".

Thor Heyerdahl
And in the corner, a little cafe ....

...and a splash of colour
...with this huge slab of stone outside,
to welcome us in.

This museum
has approximately
works by
Norwegian artists

dating from 1800's until today.
Several people have made
substantial art donations
 to the
Einar Lunde, Oscar Johannessen
Jon Dobloug

are the top three.
"The afterthought is good but the forethought is better!".

Norwegian Proverb

"Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist
once we grow up!.

Pablo Picasso
Walking around,
you could almost hear a pin drop...
...listen to the gentle hum of the air
...the echo of your shoes, gliding against the wooden floor,
...and your own thoughts as you contemplate
the works of these artists.
 agony & jubilation
of art from start to finish.
Somehow, the pleasure derived from the viewing brings forth a
sense of calm.
It frees us from our 
own preoccupation
draws us into the scene before us.
Liberating us for a brief moment...

...and you exit feeling...relaxed 

What a great escape!

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