Thursday, 8 December 2011

And The Party Goes On : SheLah !!!

Excuse me?
Hey guys...10 points for coming dressed
up as

High Energy!
SheLah is an amazing talent.

Act. Sing. Dance.
And of course TALK!
All rolled into one,
ready to explode,
highly enthusiastic individual.
Like I said..."cannot be copied even
if we're in Chinatown!!!".
Did I tell you she can bake too?
Channelling her innermost diva...
So my secret is out.
The answer to a fabulous party...
"Blowing In The Wind"
Notice the identical blouses?
That Watson, was not a coincidence.
The Rose.
"Some Say Love It Is A Hunger
An Endless Aching Need
I Say Love It Is A Flower
And You It's Only Seed..."
SheLah in her element.
(notice the hand?)
Talk about being photogenic.
Another radiant photo.
Full of life coming from within.
You definitely can't fake it.

Did I just say fake?
Mamma Mia!
 He's just as tall as SheLah.
Match made Somewhere.
"There's A Place For Us
Somewhere A Place For Us..."

I am ecstatic when people
loose their inhibitions.
The Power Of Grape.
What A Doll.
Here SheLah looks like a mannequin.
Just shows how talented she is.
She can impersonate plastic!
Have you noticed her uncanny ability to
be so versatile in
 single photo.
SheLah..How do you do it?
Pray tell.
Cane Che Abbaia Non Morde !
Summer Loving...happened so fast!
Nic did an
job of singing "to" SheLah.
That was an original angle to deliver
 "The Winner Takes It All".
And our gal about town knows a winner when she sees one.
You could almost hear her whisper...

"take me home country road!"
And then some...
By the way, SheLah's also a human magnet.
Everyone is sucked towards her.
Must have been the milk from birth.
Some gals just has it all.

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