Friday, 9 December 2011


So they came en masse...
"It's Raining Men..."
Add a little bit of swing...
Started out sober...
"Please don't let it end..."
Now it's happening...
Did I say
By then, all hell broke loose.
so it should.
"Sing, Sing A Song..."
We tried to make it simple,
But they were good.
Not as good as

Once in a while, a talent comes along that
requires no
My only wish was that
 sang more!
If you can't sing...Dance!
Or walk like an Egyptian?
With beer & wine in hand.
...Great Shot !
 talent that requires
It's who you know...really.
Knowing the boss, gets your photo published!!!
And From This Part Of The World...
I'm glad to see more
Asian customers
getting into the
 grove of
And the winner is...
Our winner in the singing competition.
She did
"Winner Takes It All"
Well Angela, get an
 act together
you'll be part of the
show next year!!!
Jimmy Who?
 That must have been
one whole
Mandy Campbell was our lucky draw winner.
Deservedly so.
My Favourite
Hip & Happening Hotel
in town,
Hilton Kuala Lumpur
at Central
 gave away a one night, over the weekend stay for 2 with yummy breakfast.
In one of their super luxurious
Which by the way is all done up in shades of cafe latte, mocha & chocolate.
Super, super sexy.
And SheLah thought she won!
The Winner Really Takes It All.
Here are our winners for the Best Dressed Prize.
It was only suppose to be for 2 people.
But what do we do?
It's ABBA!?!
The group won a
2 night over the weekend stay
at the very new
Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao.
(read my review in Tripadvisor)
I was just there for 6 nights.
What a city!!!
23 million.
Go figure.
And so,
this years
"An Evening Of Christmas Shopping"
ended on a wonderful note.
So much singing.
So much dancing.
And so much booze.
It went better than planned.
A great time was had by all...

"Amigos Para Siempre
Means You'll Always
Be My Friend..."

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