Thursday, 8 December 2011

If only...

Spot On!
Martijn belting it out to try to win a
dinner for 2 valued at
RM 250
The Albion.
Compliments from James & Colin.
Thanks guys!
Austin Powers watch out!
Hey girls thanks for making tremendous effort to dress up.
I know you've agonised.
And pondered.
Definitely paid off.
Cheers !!!
Take A Chance On Me...
As mentioned, everyone was in a good mood.
That helps.
When I'm a guest, I try my best to be the perfect guest.
Sitting there & expect to be served is not my scene.
More Bevy of Beauties!
"I see you, you see me..."
Say hello next time!
Hi Majell!
Being host to almost 200 people is no joke.
Expectations are high.
And the delivery must not run short.
It's crucial to exceed those expectations.
We do what we must.

"Lord who made the lion & the lamb,
You decreed I should be what I am.
Would it spoil some vast eternal plan?
If I were a wealthy man?"
(from Fiddler On The Roof)
Once the wheel has been set in
the party runs it's own course.
Just like the Nile or the Yangtze.
Or maybe even the Danube.
"Plus le visage est
 plus le sourire est
Cheers !
I am indeed fortunate.
Make no mistake about that.
Talent & hard work helps
something else!
The Line Up.
How did they know to pose like that?
Amazing or what?
"Vanity thy name is woman & man !!!"
You've got to believe.
I am a firm believer in believing.
If you trust that it will happen,
it will happen.
Just close your eyes and click your heels Dorothy!
Ain't No Mountain High Enough.
Yet, don't be blind to simply scale any heights.
Manage what you can.
Chuck out the rest!
You certainly
 do not need
excess baggage.
And Now
Word From Our
What The World Needs Now...
is a lot of love.
There's too much despair.
That's why parties come in handy.
To make us forget for that
one brief moment,
 all the nastiness around.
"'s the only thing that
there's just 
little of."
So what do we do?
And be merry?
Dress Up?
Watch The World Go By?
I say "THINK"!
Then "ACT"!
And by then,
you'll be smiling like
Not me.

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