Thursday, 8 December 2011

If They Could See Me Now !

A great way to start...
The planning of the November party started way back in May.
A few whispers here.
A few whispers there.
Soon enough, all the tickets were sold out by early October. That's when I knew
we were in knee deep. No turning back.
I Am What I Am !
I knew it would be a great night when guests started
walking in. Most were dressed up.
And some made extra special effort to stick
to the ABBA
Lights! Camera! Action!
Friends At Last.
Part of being a great host, I guess is to mingle 

ensure all is flowing,munching 
Tough when there are so many in the room.
But's got to be done.
I had to remind myself not to down too
much of the flowing stuff.
Check out the colours.
We've had quite a few parties in the store over the last several years.
Yes. I'm still worried. Still nervous. Still pray hard!
But a check list helps.
So it was a relief that we were all set way before the
7.30 pm time line.
Again, check out the colours...
There are no secrets behind a great party.
Just pour your heart & soul into it.
And then empty out your bank account.
That helps. 
Generosity is key.
Give from the heart.
Sing from your soul.
And away we go!!!
Did anyone say " The Hills Are Alive?"
A Bevy Of Beauties...
This years ABBA theme was a sure win.
We doesn't love them?
We all know the songs. 
Some of us more than others. And you know who you are.
" The Winner Standing Tall..."
More Bevy Of Beauties...
They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
And I think this is a keeper. 
Great composition & balance.
The Yin encourages the Yang.
After all, the spice of life may come from the unexpected.
"Maybe this time..."

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